Is this YOUR business?

The 10 indicators of a healthy business

A healthy business

  1. has a formal business plan, which is regularly reviewed and revised as circumstances require
  2. has a definition of itself as an entire system, with a known and clearly-stated aim
  3. has consistent, predictable sales and financial performance
  4. has the mechanism in place to measure its own performance in a timely and relevant fashion
  5. has the ability to rapidly learn
  6. is lean and nimble, and so able to act quickly upon what it has learned
  7. has policies which are simple and easy to understand
  8. recognises the essential rôle in the system of employees, customers, suppliers and the broader community
  9. fosters a corporate culture which treats those employees, customers, and suppliers with dignity,
    trust and respect
  10. is a good place to go to work.

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