...or is it more like this?

The 10 indicators of an unhealthy business

An unhealthy business

  1. is driven by external forces of market and circumstance
  2. defines itself solely in terms of its internal activity
  3. is frequently in crisis, with erratic or unpredictable financial performance
  4. has general, non-specific goals
  5. has skimpy or non-existent performance monitoring systems
  6. has no learning structure or process
  7. has an institutionalised decision-making process
  8. has procedural doctrines which are excessively-complex and rigid, or
    conversely, are undefined and easily misunderstood
  9. treats employees, customers, and suppliers as enemy aliens
  10. provides a hostile and political work environment where fun is foreign.

If any any of these symptoms are apparent, please to contact us for an initial heath check! Our first consultation is without professional fees, however we would expect travel-related costs to be met if you are outside our main operating area of Melbourne, Wagga Wagga, Sydney, Gold Coast and Brisbane. We will do a preliminary assessment and outline a program for you to evaluate.

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