Courses of Action

(or what we do about it)

Standard Lifeboat has programs to:

Our collective corporate background in the international arena enables the analysis and diagnosis of complex issues with laser-like intensity. The resultant repairs are simple, bloodless and (almost) painless.

Your team will probably feel that they have meditated, levitated, and embraced an alternative lifestyle.

These facilitators are backed up by a small pool of consulting specialists to address specific areas require expert attention.

And what's different about all that?

People are the key -

your people and our people and the chemistry we can bring to our interaction!

We're not your usual preachers of a "Perfect World", but deliverers of measurable, sustainable results. Like the best of the professionals in our field, we understand the science of management, communication and motivation. No rocket science and no witchcraft. Just deep and ongoing commitment and involvement.

Your Choices?

Table d'Hôte or à la Carte? You can take the whole nine yards - everything above . Or do you just want one-time sales meeting rev up? Or perhaps a highly motivating, humorous after-dinner speaker?

We can do a brief document- or work-flow study, or design, build and implement an entire enterprise management system.

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